What clients say about us

The best measure of our commitment to earning trust and building sustained relationships is the high number of repeat assignments and referrals we receive from satisfied clients. Below are the words of some of the many happy clients who have thanked us for our help:

Axiom Oval Partnership Ltd

“Thanks for your very professional attitude and your translations and look forward to working with you on other projects.”

CCH Hong Kong Ltd

“My colleagues often spoke highly about the quality of your firm’s translations. I also know for a fact that you take great care in overseeing that everything is in order. Your good eye in helping us spot errors in English is always appreciated. I hope I can rely evermore on that dedication to quality you provide us. I have great faith you’ll continue to do so.

“I’d like to take the opportunity to also thank you for your dedication to meeting our deadlines with a consistent translation quality. Your resourcefulness is always appreciated.

“It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you and I greatly appreciate your professionalism and advice over several occasions. That’s really advice worth its weight in gold.

“China LSP is so reliable and professional. You are doing it so well, the people in my company are very happy with your work… I appreciate the quality provided by China LSP at such a price… I will strive to get everyone in the office that wants translation done to be done by China LSP.

Haymarket Media Ltd

“You guys are the Best! Can’t say thank you enough!!

“Faith in you, and those who work with ya 😉

“I’m loving your service… Super thanks!”

The University of Hong Kong

“We select your company because the translation shows a high quality of English writing and most importantly the translator understands the text and is able to write from an English mind.”

Hong Kong Council of Social Service

“Heartfelt thanks for your professional service and support provided, especially in such a short period of time given for the jobs.

“We appreciate your great effort and invaluable advice.”

Ion Global Ltd

“The client was very satisfied with the work you provided.

“Thanks very much for your help and professionalism. I am looking forward to contacting you further for our next project.”

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

“I trust not just your professional standards, but also your ethics.

“So in short – thank you so much for everything. It’s people like you who make a huge difference.

“Once again, it’s way, way more than what we expect from you. But as usual, you exceed expectations.

“Thanks, you put up with us so graciously that you should be commended.

“This is why we like you, cos you want to produce perfect work.
“We totally love you for helping us and for being so reliable and so sensitive to what we do.

Queensland Government Trade and Investment Office

“Thanks a lot! You did a fantastic work!

“I don’t think I can handle all these materials without your assistance in such short notice. It has been great to work with you!”

Tourmap Company

“We are very happy and very impressed with the job that you have done for us.”

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics Ltd

“May I simply say: a big thank you!”

West Office Exhibition Design

“Thanks again for working with our tight schedule. We really appreciate it and couldn’t have done this project without your cooperation. I’ll be in touch when we need more help on this project or on a different one.”

Hempel Special Metals (Asia) Ltd

“We received feedback from our Swiss office. The translation is very good.”

Max Bio-Science Ltd

“Many thanks for such speedy translation work.

“Thank you for having a ‘sharp eye’ when reviewing our English text. I am afraid I had overlooked these errors and anomalies!”

Sugar HK Ltd

“Many, many thanks, your help is massively appreciated.

“You’re a star! Your reputation is excellent, so I’d like to look at us developing a long term working relationship.”

Corporate Visions, Inc

“Thank you so much for your amazing work. It was a great help!

“Once again I appreciate very much for your flexibility in supporting us in such a tight timeline. I surely look forward for working together in future opportunities.”

MET Studio Design (HK) Ltd

“Thanks for your GREAT WORKS!!!!

“Thank you so much for your help and for putting in every effort in getting this done on time!”

University of New South Wales, Hong Kong Office

“Your work is highly appreciated.”

United Nations Office for Project Services

“It was very nice working with you.”

Brother International (Hong Kong) Ltd

“We much appreciate your work. Thank you so much.

“Your service is very good.”

Playright Children’s Play Association

“Appreciate your professional service.”

Amy Cheung Design

“I am very pleased with your translation. Yes, the old one by another agency was really bad in comparison.”

Finest From Belgium Ltd

“As usual thank you for another high quality translation.”

GGEC Hong Kong Ltd

“Thanks again for your professional service.”

Hitech 128 International Ltd

“Thank you very much for being extremely helpful, patient and cooperative throughout the entire process that we’ve worked together. You’ve definitely given me a good example of what professional client service should be.”

Cosmos Books Ltd

“Thanks for your help all along.”

More Words About Us:

Esther T.

“Really appreciated your thorough and concentrated efforts. You have helped save us much time, especially most of the jobs are unreasonably ad-hoc and urgent. You are always a very valuable working partner for us!!”

Fiona S.

“I am reading through the article and I must say it was well done. We appreciate your dedication. You are a star!”

Leslie L.

“You guys did a very good job last time with the Overview of Foreign Investment in China and I trust that you will do the same as I intend to use this article as the cover article for the next issue.”

Sharon Y.

“Whoever did the translation of the occupational safety and health article, I am impressed. Thanks!”

Virginia D.

“We all appreciate your efforts and good quality works provided all through.

Thomas S.

“I must let you know that your hard work and quality are very much appreciated. Even when other agencies send in quotations, people in our company still prefer your service.”

Rochelle R.

“Thank you so much for all your help. Not only your professionalism, your translation skills but also your friendship. Once again, your outstanding work to us is very much appreciated.”

Steven W.

“I must say it was well done and appreciate the quality provided by China LSP at such a price.”

Ginny W.

“China LSP is so reliable and professional! Thank you for your dedication to meeting our deadlines with a consistent translation quality. We are impressed and much appreciate your efforts.”

Colin F.

“We will keep using you for all our work, you do a very good job for us.”

“Thanks so much – really appreciate your ability and promptness for us.”

Joseph B.

“On time…bloody reliable as usual. As always, thanks for such thorough and speedy work!”

Lois L.

“Thanks a lot for the suggestions. I totally agree with you and appreciate your earnestness to make things better.”

Andrew B.

“My hats off to you! Thank you so much. I’m so indebted to you.”

Janet W.

“I’m touched, seriously. I know you’re always doing your best for us.”

Jose P.

“I look forward to work with you in the coming years. We all appreciate the good services you’ve provided!”

Kay L.

“You’re awesome! Thanks for all the help! We couldn’t do anything without you!”

Lily T.

“Everything looks fine. We are very happy with the work that you have done for us. ”

Amandine S.

“I must let you know that I am grateful to work with you especially you are such a thoughtful working partner!”

Jonathan S.

“I am always grateful to have the chance working with you because you’re always patience and ready to share what you know!”

An B.

“OMG I love you! Thanks for being so reliable!!”

Klaus S.

“For all the great help, our deepest thanks!”

Ulrike G.

“Thanks very much for your help and professionalism.”

Alex S.

“Thanks for pulling through. You’re always so thorough.”

Daniel V.

“You guys did a very good job …”

Nathalia G.

“Everything looks fine. We are very happy with the work that you have done for us. Please send your invoice and we will take care of the bank transfer right away.”

Sharron F.

“You’ve been fantastically helpful throughout. Thanks for being so meticulous and so diligent!”

Emily T.

“I thank you wholeheartedly!!!”

Louise L.

“You’re a life saver. Can’t say thank you enough. You’re the Best.”

Miranda C.

“Many thanks again for your great assistance on the book editing. We appreciate your great effort and invaluable advice.”

Joanne Y.

“Yea I know you’re doin’ your best – from the goodness of your heart. Thanks very much for doing what you do. It’s nice to know that genuinely kind people exist.”

Paula H.

“I have heard wonderful things about you!”

King H.

“Speechless thanks! We all appreciate the good services you’ve provided!”

Christina C.

“It’s you who helped save us from troubles all through the years, I must thank you for that! We all owe you a great deal.”

Julie S.

“As always, thanks for going the extra mile to make sure all the details are correct.”