Satisfying clients large and small

Our client base spans everything from large multi-nationals, government agencies and education institutions to SMEs and micro enterprises, NGOs and non-profit organizations.

In addition to international brands and conglomerates such as HSBC, Panasonic, Nokia, Herbalife, Mandarin Oriental, Brother International, Tourism Australia, Big Bus Tours and Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, we provide language services to many smaller and medium-sized enterprises.

As we appreciate that successful partnerships are built on trust and take time to flourish, we are always happy to show first-time clients how well we can work with them by accepting smaller jobs. Over the years, our relationships with what are now some of our best clients (and most enthusiastic referrers!) have started out this way.

We also enthusiastically assist non-profit organizations, NGOs and social welfare groups who must meet their language service needs within often tight budgets.

We’ll be happy to tell you a little more about our clients and how we work with them upon request.