Creating value


  • Legal translation (contracts, agreements, depositions, witness statements, litigation documents, etc.) – by experienced, legally qualified translators or former lawyers turned translators.

  • Financial translation (annual reports, financial statements, IPO prospectuses, announcements, etc.) – by trained professionals with proven expertise in finance, banking or accounting.

  • Technical translation (specifications, manuals, user guides, research reports, etc.) – by expert translators in specific fields.

  • Academic translation (course materials, theses, research papers, journal articles, etc.) – by translators qualified to at least Master’s degree in their relevant discipline.

Our Key Strengths: Accuracy, fluency, flow, clarity, readability and brevity.

Languages: specializes in English to Chinese translation and Chinese to English translation as well as between selected Asian and European languages


  • Advertising, Marketing & PR content – Seamlessly integrating translation skills and creative copywriting

Our Key Strengths: Respecting cultural sensitivity and local linguistic traits to adapt documents in a tone of voice and context that succeeds in both appealing to and engaging target consumers.


  • Communications that generate awareness of and interest in companies, products and services

Our Key Strengths: Using the most up-to-date client- and category-specific terminology to get clients and their communications noticed and talked about.


  • Basic editing – of spelling, punctuation, grammar, syntax, word usage, meaning and tone to ensure consistent accuracy and readability.

  • Stylistic editing – comprehensive stylistic rewrites that enhance each document’s overall quality and ability to engage readers.

Our Key Strengths: Sensitivity to original author’s intended meaning.


  • Careful checking of documents for punctuation, spelling, grammatical mistakes and other inconsistent usage.

Our Key Strengths: 100% free from errors.


  • Converts spoken language sources (e.g. audio/video recordings) into written text files.

Our Key Strengths: Precision and accuracy.