Effectively communicating insights

In answering your every language service need, we can undertake anything from the creation of simple yet impactful one-word brand names to catchy taglines/slogans and 30-second TV commercials. Over the years, we’ve also handled large-scale projects such as a 120,000-word Global Environmental Outlook Yearbook for the United Nations Environmental Programme and a 370,000-word International Financial Reporting Standards Award Programme Manual.

Along the way, we’ve also created Seattle tour maps, websites for Big Bus Tours, Swire Hotels, HSBC MPF, Fidelity Investments and Galaxy Entertainment as well as a 280,000-word oral history archive for the Hong Kong Memory Project.

We have also worked for numerous museum, exhibition and showsuite projects, such as the Shanghai Expo and Ningbo Science Exploration Center. Our expertise in this area extends from initial pitching and concept design right through to final execution, fabrication, installation and the provision of detailed exhibit narration and full audio video scripts.

Product catalogues and print ads for TVs, air-conditioners, cameras, massage chairs, shavers, annual reports and financial statements for listed companies, agreements, court documents, witness statements and academic papers are further areas in which we excel.

Eager to learn more about our expertise and past experience? Then please contact us at info@ChinaLSP.com for a job reference summary.